LED Light, LED tube, LED lamp and other energy saving lamp

LED Energy Conservation grow light,LED Energy save grow light

LED Energy Conservation grow light Features:

LED light Color: 740nm 660nm,630nm,610nm,580nm,460nm,440nm,410nm, warm white / pure white
The LED colour Ratio can be made accouding on your requirements.

Product Advantage:
1.180*3W led grow light is made of metal shell,which including 180PCS single 3W led,
High performance and low energy consumption.
2.Input voltage is 85-265V,convenient and safe,very suitable for every country.
3.Over 50000 hrs lifespan.
4.Built-in 4 pcs cooling fans,which can solve the heat dissipation problem ,keep the lamp’s normal using time.
5.Ideal for plants growth,flowering,fructify.
6.Provide different ratio program ,such as red is good for flowering and frucity,bule promotes the leaf growth.Clients can match the lamp bead ratio according to different plants.
7.Safe,.Environment-friendly, no pollution ,no harm to environment.
8. The wavelength can be specified by customer.We suggest that red light wavelengths using 620- 630 nm and 640- 660 nm ,Blue light use a 450 -460nm and 460- 470 nm. The red light promotes plant sprouts, flowering, blue light promotes plant growth, and you can independently choose the more suitable wavelength and color proportion to promote the growth of plants.
9.Built-in power supply, CE approved, No setup required, just simpler and safer plugs directly into AC85V-265V, no reflector & ballast needed.
Customized Models and Label are available.Unique Layout!

More protection:
Every LED lamps have a protection setting and it can keep the electric circuit always flow when any one led bulbs
die.it would be easy to know which led bulb goes wrong and easy to replace it.

Product Application:
Ideal for all phases of plants growth, bloom
Suitable for the plant-breeding house, garden, farm, greenhouse,
horticultural park etc, which need the sufficient light.. It is also suitable for the
flower exhibition because it can stop the growth of the plant so it can last the time of flowering.

Indoor and greenhouse use only.
Do not touch the surface when lighting on.
Don’t use in dripping water or dripping irrigation place to avoid light damage.
Do not look directly to this light when is working, The light waves might cause impaired
The led grow light working time plus sunlight lighting time should be 10-14hrs.
Input voltage is 85V~265V/AC